The Green Beacon team are a well traveled bunch...

And what we all found incredible and exciting in our favourite cities like New York and London, was the communities’ accessibility to all sorts of wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, roasters, delis, bars and even the odd local small craft brewer. We were intrigued by this and saw how well these establishments functioned within these communities and decided this was a perfect formula for our ever changing and forward looking home town of Brisbane. The obvious place to setup was Teneriffe, specifically because it is the pulsating and vibrant heart of Brisbane’s modern urban renewal with its festivals, shops, eateries, cafes, restaurants, galleries etc. A mix of locals living in a community that offers great diversity and reflects our ethos of quality, hand crafted local product aimed at the discerning drinker. 

We are attempting to bring a new culture to beer, so prevalent abroad but only just gaining ground in Australia, that beer can be a product of huge flavour and depth, crafted specifically to be paired with different foods and indulge the senses. As the good beer guide to Australia suggests: With beer we encourage everyone to drink widely and drink well; drink less but drink better!

And while we don’t do it for awards, it was great to be recognised as Champion Small Brewery at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards & Champion Medium Brewery at the 2016 Craft Beer Awards.

We thank each and every one of our loyal customers for their continued support.


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