As a proud Brisbane brewery built on quality and integrity, and where flavour, balance and consistency are at the forefront; our beer provides a safe anchorage in any port.

Our Process

Our Brewhouse is a 10 bbl (11.9HL) direct fired system that allows us to control every stage of the brewing process. The process starts with milled malted grain being ‘mashed in’ with the hot water or liquor to covert the starches to fermentable sugars and to dissolve these sugars into solution. This is the mashing process and it results in the production of a thin malt syrup known as the wort. The wort is then runoff through the resulting grain bed and then sparged in the lauter tun to extract all the available sugars and help filter the liquor of solubles. The brew kettle is where the wort is boiled to coagulate both proteins and extract the alpha acids from the hops for both bittering and aroma.

To get a clear or bright runoff free from the hop material and protein break, we whirlpool the wort, this also helps to cool and separate the desirable and undesirable materials from the boil. The wort is then aerated, cooled and then pitched with yeast to start the fermentation process. This is simply where the yeast reproduces as it consumes the sugars to produce both alcohol and carbon dioxide. Our beers are then carbonated, conditioned and sometimes filtered depending on the style and appropriate qualities of the brew. We never pasteurise our beers so what you get is simply the best quality, fresh beer everytime!